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Jim has given dozens of talks in the Kansas City area. Some of the places he's given talks are listed here:

Arbor Woods
Ash Grove Cement
Black and Veatch
Children’s Mercy Hospital
City of Overland Park
County of Johnson County
Greenwood Terrace
JC Penney
Jewish Community Center
Johnson County Community College – Brown & Gold
Johnson County Library
Johnson County Parks & Recreation
Kansas City Hospice
KDOT Kansas Department of Transportation
Lathrop & Gage

Salina Public Library
Tallgrass Creek Retirement Community
Tallgrass Retirement
U.S. Census
U.S. Central Credit Union
U.S. Department of Defense
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. District Court-Kansas
U.S. Federal Court of Appeals
U.S. Federal Executive Board
U.S. General Services Administration
U.S. Postal Service
University of Missouri
Veterans Hospital

Please contact us to schedule your educational event. Here are a list of topics you can choose from:

Exploring Your Options For a Quality Retirement
− Put your money where your values are
− Figure out where you stand financially
− Run your numbers – where do you stand?
− Make your money last – ways to invest wisely
− Know how to crack your nest egg
− Take advantage of the new tax laws
− Avoid costly investment mistakes

Women Approaching Retirement and Beyond
− Life beyond widowhood and divorce
− Avoid costly investment mistakes
− Build your security basket and your dream basket
− Planning for retirement
− Avoid costly investment mistakes

Getting “Fiscally Fit”
− Basic principles of cash management
− accumulating wealth.
− Locating & maximizing discretionary income.
− The importance of having a financial blueprint.
− Roadblocks to financial success.

Long Term Care Planning
− Protect your money from the high costs of nursing care
− Paying for nursing care
− LTC insurance – Do you need it?
− Mistakes to avoid with long term care insurance
− Alternative ways to pay for long term health care

Trusts – Planning Your Estate 2008
− Living Trusts
− Probate
− Inheritance taxes
− Credit Shelter Trusts
− How to title your assets
− Leaving a legacy

College Planning
− How to address the high cost of college.
− The new Educational IRA.
− Maximizing financial aid.
− Investment alternatives.
− Developing a college investment plan.

Grandparents Money Matters
− Paying for college – best options
− Talking to kids about money
− Talking to parents about money
− Tax advantages for you
− Gifts to specials needs kids
− Leaving a legacy

Life Goes On – Money Matters
− Life beyond widowhood and divorce
− 5 simple ways to take charge
− Avoid costly investment mistakes
− Make your money last – ways to invest wisely
− Dealing with advisors

Financial Blunders – Lessons We Never Learned
− When and how to deal with stock options
− How to preserve your assets in a declining market
− The bank – is it really the place we save money?
− Great opportunities – great risks

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